Mac screensaver password not working

What if I lost my key?

Mac Os Lock Screen For Ubuntu

Since Mac OS X Authentication key is not working on boot stage. Free disk and folder encryption for Windows Hide your data by using Steganography Chrome,Skype Firefox full profile encryption.

Mac OS X - How to Enable a Screensaver Password

Windows secure logon based on face recognition. Rohos Logon Key for Mac. The system keychain can also be unlocked using a USB key. Use your Apple Watch to authenticate and auto lock your mac. Before enabling the two-factor requirement on your Mac, it is important to test that it is working correctly.

How to set up a password to lock the screen

This is achieved by enabling the requirement only for the screensaver first; if something goes wrong and it does not work you can reboot your Mac and log in normally with just your password. First, ensure your Mac is set to require the password immediately after the screensaver starts.

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Now the Mac can be configured to require two-factor authentication for the screensaver. Make sure your YubiKey is not plugged in to the Mac and attempt to login; you should not be able to login, even with the correct password. Then, insert the YubiKey and confirm you are able to login after entering the correct password.

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Now that you have tested the configuration, you can use the steps below to enable the two-factor requirement at the login screen as well as the screensaver screen. If you run into issues with the macOS Logon Tool after following this guide, you can follow the steps below to enable debug logging, which will provide insight into the issue. Contact Customer Support.