Top mac os x terminal commands

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Message extended because of the stupid character requirement. Alnitak Alnitak The repo is here more active fork here , and can be installed via brew install htop I'm currently trying to work out what to do about the licensing clash between Apple's libtop APSL and htop GPL.

Nakilon 6 6 bronze badges. Screenshot: flickr. Good work, my only concern is that you need to run it with sudo to see memory information. If posible make it work without asking for sudo, try to escalate directly from it. Unfortunately mouse clicks do not work. Joel K Joel K 4, 1 1 gold badge 26 26 silver badges 32 32 bronze badges.

25 Terminal Commands For Beginners/ Programmers/ Mac OS X Users

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My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer so far. The Overflow Newsletter 3 — The 75 lines of code that changed history. If you are doing heavy work on the Mac command line, regularly using tmux, or require more advanced configurability, this will likely be the better fit. Find iTerm here. Hyper is a newer player in this field, and despite having less functionality than iTerm, is inarguably the more beautiful terminal experience.

Hyper is built on web technologies HTML, CSS, JS , and has a robust collection of themes, a diverse library of easily installed plugins, and continual user contributions make this a fun and interesting choice. The Hyper team just released version 2- increasing speed, adding useful UX improvements, further simplifying plugin installation, and more. Check out Hyper here. Either choice here is going to be a good one.

30 Mac Terminal Commands to Access Hidden Features

Both options can be configured to create a beautiful, highly functional terminal experience. I would recommend trying both- I keep both installed, using each for different purposes. This is a necessary prerequisite for most of what will follow. Each choice has different advantages and disadvantages, but for the purposes of this article, we are going to be working with zsh.

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Z shell, or zsh, has been around since , and has a large following and a diverse array of plugins, guides, and contributors. Some advantages of zsh include: improved completions, command history, globbing, shortcuts, variable handling, and many others. Each of those items are worth exploring and learning about another time. Zsh ships with OS X, however, it is an older version.

I recommend installing the latest version using Homebrew, the Mac package manager. If you have not heard of Homebrew, or do not have it installed, you can find it here. If you get hung up anywhere during this process, or need additional help, check this for more information and a more detailed install guide. After installing zsh, the first time zsh is ran, it will prompt you with a series of questions concerning configuration.

Follow the prompt through to the end, making changes wherever desired. No changes are necessary, however- the defaults will work fine. After installing zsh, a whole new world of frameworks, plugins, and themes opens up. Far more than can be covered within this article. It is simple to install, has a robust feature set, and is generally forgiving in usability. If oh-my-zsh is not your cup of tea, a similar framework like Prezto will work just fine in place of it. Alternatively, if you prefer a more lightweight alternative, you can stick with only a plugin manager, like Antigen , or run without a framework altogether.

These decisions are entirely up to you, and I would encourage you to play around with different configurations, frameworks, plugins, and changes to determine which fits your workflow and needs best. Head to the oh-my-zsh repository on Github — here. Follow the basic installation instructions in the repository, or see the below:.

macOS Terminal: Have fun with Mac’s least-known program

Install via curl:. The above will clone and install oh-my-zsh. Zsh plugins can add all kinds of useful workflow solutions, fun tweaks, or add important functionality. Here are a few to get you started:. Download it here. Find it here. Ships with oh-my-zsh. There are many, many more plugins out there. This will stop your Mac from going to sleep. I absolutely love Tetris.

I can spend hours playing it. So I was delighted to learn there is a secret Tetris game hidden away on the Mac. Hit enter. Now tap the Fn and F10 keys together at the same time. Press the t button then the g button. This is not really a useful one.

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