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Right-click the VM and choose Start. Open the Console tab, configure network settings, enter a root password, and then save the settings. Enter root for username, C1trix for the password, and click Log on. Provide the Active Directory server information. Enter your first or last name in the Search text box and click Search. Select your name in the search results list and click Edit.

Select Administrator permissions and click Save. Repeat the process for each of the users who will need Administrator and Auditor permissions. Log in to the Administrator Console with the administrator user administration credentials you just configured above. Select Export certificate signing request to produce the request. Enter your company information and click Export and send this to your preferred signing authority.

Upon receipt of the certificate from your system administrator, select Import certificate from certificate authority from the dropdown list.

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Click Browse to locate the certificate. Enter support information for your users. Enter your Active Directory domain name. Enter the polling frequency to the Citrix Update Service. Enter the user authentication token expiration date. If you are using a proxy server, enter the configuration and authentication settings here. Click Close in the Success pop-up.

Continue this process until you have downloaded all the plug-ins you want to deliver.


Click Create at the bottom of the page. Enter the rule name and description. Select the rule type from the menu in the Type field. In the General tab, enter the general information for the delivery. In the Plug-ins tab, click Add and select the checkboxes for the plug-ins to deliver; click Add again. Click the Config tab and enter the plug-in specific values. Click the Rules tab. Select the checkbox for the rules to add and click Add. The selected items are added to the delivery.

Click the Schedule tab. Your system is now ready for your users to download Citrix Receiver at your internal site address. Once they have download the Receiver, it will automatically fetch your scheduled delivery and install the plug-ins. The Merchandising Server software is packaged as a virtual appliance image.

The virtual appliance image when imported onto XenServer, creates a fully functional virtual server. Before you install the Merchandising Server virtual image, verify that the following requirements are met:.

One of the following browser versions is required to use the Citrix Merchandising Server Administrator Console:. The frequency of plug-in updates is the primary driver of the Merchandising Server performance and bandwidth requirements. Based on simulated user traffic load, concurrent users requests, the number of plug-in installations in the busy hour, and recommended maximum number of Receivers are shown below for three sample configurations.

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Contact Citrix if you require a higher capacity. Supported Citrix Plug-ins The following table lists the plug-ins that are compatible with Merchandising Server Release 1. Plug-in Compatible Operating Systems Acceleration plug-in 5. For information on upgrading the Merchandising Server software, see Upgrading the Merchandising Server.

The image name is similar to citrix-merchandising- server-[releaseNumber]. Where [releaseNumber] is a numerical value representing the release. Unpack the zip file using Bz2 or another archive utility. Important: Verify that you have a minimum of 20 gigabytes of available hard disk space before proceeding. If you only have one network, select Network 0. Click Next. The import progress is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the XenCenter window and also on the Logs tab.

The import process may take some time, depending on the size of the VM and the speed and bandwidth of the network connection between XenCenter and the server where you are installing the new VM. Under optimum conditions this could take as little as 5 minutes. After the import process completes, you can specify the amount of memory to be allocated to this VM before starting the VM.

Receiver 12.3 for Mac

Click the Properties button and select Auto-generate. Enter the numerical values as directed on the screen to establish the IP address, netmask, default gateway, and a DNS server for this server. Note: There is one more option available in this utility that is not displayed on the screen.

How do I install the Citrix ICA Client for MAC OS?

Entering an uppercase 'R' resets all the values, including the root password, to the factory defaults. Use caution when using this feature. Want More Information? Merchandising Server is the head-end infrastructure component — used in conjunction with Receiver — that allows you to create, deliver and manage a high quality end user experience on laptops, desktops, and smart phones.

The Merchandising Server sits in front of the XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructure and facilitates not only the delivery of virtual apps and desktops but more importantly also allows you to provide a simple and intuitive end user experience. Simplifies Setup and Distribution The Merchandising Server provides easy management, setup, and distribution to your end users of the Citrix Receiver, plug-in software, and updates.

Citrix Mac Ica Client For Windows - xsonarsafe

Users simply point any browser to the setup site included with Merchandising Server. Two clicks and the setup process starts. From a fresh PC or laptop to fully provisioned with the broad range of IT services — from applications to virtual desktops - anywhere in the world in less than 15 minutes depending upon network connection.

For specialized applications, Receiver for Windows may be installed with compatible plug-ins independent of the Merchandising Server.

Citrix Online Plug-in for Windows 12.3

Once installed, the Receiver fetches the delivery information from the Merchandising Srever and installs the plug-ins. After installation is complete, the Receiver starts its plug-ins in the correct order ensuring that connectivity services are available for plug-ins that require it. Use the Merchandising Server and Receiver for Windows in combination to simplify desktop and application delivery. The Receiver infrastructure provides:. Seamless installation Your users install Receiver for Windows on their devices.

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If a download is interrupted, the Receiver silently resumes the action when the connection is restored. When installation is complete, the Receiver immediately installs the scheduled plug-ins without requiring the user to enter any information. The Receiver can even be installed from outside of the company firewall. Upgrades are pushed down and run automatically. Managed connections to delivery services The Receiver uses the Citrix secure access plug-in to supply secure connectivity, enabling users access to business-related applications from anywhere.

Simplified administration Use the Merchandising Server to deliver plug-ins in one action. The Merchandising Server retrieves plug-in updates from the Citrix Update Service and presents the update list to you through the Administrator Console. Upgrades to the Merchandising Server are imported directly through the Administrator Console. The Citrix Receiver end-to-end infrastructure consists of four components: z Citrix Merchandising Server.