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Same names. I do see at least one nondescript name, and I assume that is my DVR. Hmmmm interesting. Did you assign an IP for each device you have?

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Each just assigned with DHCP. You are in bridge mode?

That explains it. However, in my case I need to register my device first before I can connect this to the network, I need to get the mac address in order to that. Also, I have to connect my AE to the cable. Thanks much!

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Thanks for the help! And yes, it also works for the Apple Airport Express. However, it only showed 2 MAC addresses for me, ethernet and wifi.

How to Configure a Static DHCP Reservation with Airport Extreme

I have a 1st generation AE. Apple simplified the Wifi settings compared to earlier versions and it seems it actually works now. So this should be fairly straight forward. They did away with most advanced settings, which is a bit of a shame.


Obviously you want a distinct name for your wifi and not something generic like most people use. Look at this mess. Madness, so set a cool name that you can identify — Like your family name or a item or character you like. As you can see, I still use names from the Manga Ghost in the shell. My network is named Kusanagi. After the lead character. Setting a custom name is also useful for when you have guests over you can just tell them to connect to it without having to memorize a codename no-one can understand. Using WEP these days is stupid. Also using Mac Authentication is pretty useless.

So if you use that. Disable it. These days using WPA2 is the way to go. Most users should use WPA2 Personal and make sure every other base station uses that same setting. This makes sure there can be no communication issue between the 2 stations and thus they work faster.

Picking the right channel and radio mode. This is perhaps the most important bit and the performance of your wifi depends heavily on it. I use an application called Wifi Explorer on my Mac to see what networks are available and which channel they use.

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The app can detect both 2. This means that the 2. Simply because the frequency is saturated with radio signals.

If you do not have devices that use 11b 11mbit or 11g 54mbit you may want to just not broadcast that. Pick the 11n mbit and up option. This may increase overall speeds a bit.

How Apple AirPort Express Works | HowStuffWorks

Or has few networks on it. Pick that one. Do this for both 2.

Pick the least used channel.