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When Apple executives released the new application called Photos in the spring of , they left open a very short window in which iPhoto fans could download and install version 9. Apple had apparently adopted a rather arrogant policy in which they were compelling iPhoto users to make the transition to Photos and to the iCloud by locking iPhoto users out of using the latest iteration of iPhoto anymore. How did they accomplish this? In two ways: 1 by making sure that iPhoto before 9. It is their game, and you have to play by their rules, they were saying.

If you could not manage to download version 9. Too bad for you! Apple fixed things so that version 9. They vented their anger all over the Internet, as they repeatedly encountered what appeared to be an error in the App Store application whenever they tried to download the upgrade to version 9.

When they tried to download the iPhoto update, all they would get was a cryptic message saying that the file was "temporarily unavailable. I was among that group who tried, but failed, to download that final upgrade.

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Well, the frustration is over, because today, as always, I clicked on iPhoto listing in the Updates tab of the App Store, and, to my surprise and delight, the upgrade to version 9. I just installed it on the Yosemite partition of my Mac Pro, and it launched just fine. The "temporary" freeze-out appears to have ended. Now, all those diehard iPhoto fans—some of whom complained that they were unable to access their treasure trove of images—can get off their knees: their prayers have been answered.

However, these humble supplicants should not overlook the lesson: you never know how long the download window will remain open. So, if you want version 9. You just never know if that window will soon crash right on top of your hands. Like 2. You described my issue almost exactly. Having tried for days to find a solution, I finally resorted to copying iPhoto 9.

Just opened my Macbook and wanted to download all the photos i made. Why does apple do this? Not that i am against change, but this Please get it back and make a lot of apple users happy. Whoever programmed it must have once worked for Microsoft. I just tested this in my beta version of Photos and he is most certainly correct! The ability to time-shift multiple photos is great in situations where a digital camera's date and time wasn't set correctly and a set of photos is off consistently. However, this won't be helpful when trying to change multiple photos to the same exact date, such as when trying to change the shoot date of multiple scanned photos you knew were all taken on the same date.

Star ratings, flags and color labels are no longer part of Photos — at least not in this version. This appears to work like flagging did in iPhoto and Aperture — either on or off for a give photo. Fear not though! So, you can continue to add a star ratings with keywords to all of your favorite photos and then search for these selected photos in the search field.

1. Getting Started with Photos - Photos for Mac and iOS: The Missing Manual [Book]

Additionally, for quick application, you can assign your star ratings as keyboard shortcuts, such as to the number keys 1 through 5. After you've set it up, it's as simple as just hitting a number key when a photo is selected and the keyword will be applied. I believe more than ever that Apple is moving all of their applications to using keywords and tags, which they see as the future of organizing in all of its software. You can view the geotag information with photos already tagged with this geo-specific information from your camera's EXIF metadata.

But, it appears as if currently you can't add geotag information to those photos missing it once inside of Photos.

Mac Tip: How to migrate your iPhoto Library to the new Photos app

So, I am really not too worried this is something they will never add in. It's already cued up for you, ready to start right when the software is being introduced. Click here. My favorite is by David Pogue on Yahoo! Baig with USA Today.

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Problems playing video? So now, as you try and get your head wrapped around how your life will be with Photos for Mac, please keep in mind this is just the beginning. The very beginning. Even if version 1. Just getting the iCloud Photo Library syncing engine working smoothly is a monumental task in itself.

How to Migrate Pictures from iPhoto or Aperture to Photos for OS X

Question for you — do you plan on using Photos for Mac when it comes out? What do you look forward to the most with Photos? And what are you going to miss the most from iPhoto or Aperture? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below after reading all of this. Now, check for an email that was just sent to you and CLICK the button inside to confirm your subscription. Bit late to this topic but recently updated to El Capitan and Photos. At least I put current library on Photos to see what it looked like.

I only meant to add a few events but somehow the whole library went across.

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The album is still there. In searching through all my events in iPhoto I found a single new event with all the lost album photos in it. The method I used originally to create the albums was to flag selected photos and drag them across in bulk to the album, but of course when this was done they also were shown in the event. My biggest challenge is getting a backup of the Photos library off line. And, when I want to restore it, it will work! I know I can drag a copy of the Photos library to an external disk and then drive to the bank and put it in a safe deposit box.

But, I really would like something more dynamic and timely, i. For instance, TimeMachine has to go to a local drive too! Photos is terrible. I experienced the nightmare a few years when they switched from iPhoto, and it was no longer compatible with Photoshop Elements. I now use Photoshop.

But recently I decided to check it out because my Uncle wanted some help. I know they are there, because when I try and import them again it says they are already there. You get a billion results, the chances of you finding anything actually relevent to your problem is non-existent. I mean, Google named their product Photos too! Website content creators like mine have taken this into consideration and almost always use the full name of the application when writing tutorials and reviews.

Another tip, if you use quotes around the title as well, this will insure your results find these keywords in places where the words are next to each other. OMG this new Photos app is driving me freaking nuts!